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ISEC7 Sphere

An Enterprise Technology Intelligence Platform (ETIP) for Digital Workplace Monitoring and Management to Reduce the Cost of Downtime and Improve Operational Efficiencies

The ISEC7 Sphere enables organizations to monitor their entire mobile infrastructure and network, and quickly identify and resolve issues—from one web-based, central console.

  • Centralized control provides large time-savings & reduction in operational costs

  • Get early detection of point-of-failures to reduce the cost for downtime & increases productivity

  • End-to-end visibility results in a better user experience & less helpdesk calls

  • Mitigate security risks & monitor compliance to avoid expensive fines

  • Detect weak network connections to plan future investments

ISEC7 EMM Suite/Sphere STIG Version 2 Release 1 (STIG detail)

Department of Defense (DoD) Instruction 8500.01 directs that the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) “develops and maintains control correlation identifiers (CCIs), security requirements guides (SRGs), security technical implementation guides (STIGs), and mobile code risk categories and usage guides that implement and are consistent with DoD cybersecurity policies, standards, architectures, security controls, and validation procedures, with the support of the NSA/CSS, using input from stakeholders” and DoD Component heads “ensure that all DoD IT under their purview complies with applicable STIGs, security configuration guides, and SRGs.”

STIG supported versions:

ISEC7 EMM Suite v6.x - latest release 6.1.2

ISEC7 Sphere v6.2 - latest release 6.2.2

ISEC7 Sphere v20.x - latest release 20.3.4

ISEC7 Sphere Enhanced Email Client & Classification Marking Solution

- Outlook Desktop Add-in v1.x - current release 1.0.0

- Outlook Online Add-in v1.x - currently in BETA

- ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate for Android v1.x - latest release 1.9.5

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