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ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate

Mobile Access to Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate (MED) is the optimal solution to access your own email and delegate mailboxes, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, public folders, and shared calendars while using your mobile device.

  • Email

    • Simply access group mail-boxes

    • Easily access delegated email accounts

    • Set up functional email accounts and use multiple email domains

    • Enable account owners to retain control of the mailbox 

    • S/MIME support

    • Classified Email

  • Calendar

    • Access group calendars or calendars shared with you

    • Display multiple calendars in parallel

    • Create and change appointments

    • Schedule recurring appointments

  • Contacts

    • Access all contacts of delegated accounts with the ability to edit and delete

  • Tasks and Notes

    • View all tasks and notes

    • Create new tasks and notes and edit or delete existing tasks or notes

    • Send status reports of all tasks

  • Access and share Outlook-Mails, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks

  • Impersonate delegates mailboxes to provide personal assistants or team member features or work within multiple mail-domains

  • Use functional mailboxes and access shared calendars

  • Work with public folders on Microsoft Exchange

  • View notifications of new items for delegate mailboxes within the status bar

For additional information from our product reseller team, email us here.

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