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Mobility Solutions
for State & Local Government


Form Factor.  Portable form factors make mobile devices susceptible to loss or theft.


Malicious or Risky Apps collect and share data such as personally identifiable information (PII) and device location with third-party advertising and analytics systems.

Data Loss Data can be lost through cloud services and productivity apps via open-in, copy, paste, and forwarding functions.                  

Device Tampering exploit OS vulnerabilities to jailbreak or root devices, bypass security, and install malicious apps from unauthorized app stores.  

Always-On Connectivity.  Mobile devices are hyper-connected and often access sensitive data over untrusted networks, increasing the risk of data loss through Wi-Fi sniffi­ng, rogue access points and man-in-the-middle attacks.


Security and Compliance

Today, mobile operating systems have a sandboxed file system and protected kernel, so traditional security threats present less of a concern. However, mobile technologies face three other types of threats: user-based, device-based, and network-based.

Threat vectors on mobile vs. PCs 

Sandboxed mobile operating systems are secure. Threats such as malware are mitigated by OS design. Preventing data loss on mobile requires focus on a different set of risk vectors.

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