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ISEC7 Government Services provides discounts to special interest groups and ecosystem partners to help advance the mobile IT industry through education and advisory sessions.  Our goal is to further the knowledge pool of mobile professionals and build the community of shared ideas.  Below are some descriptions of offerings.  If you know your discount code already, simply click the button below to submit your form and begin the process of accepting your offer.  If you do not have a code but believe you qualify for the discount, you may wish inquire for more information.  


Discounted Mobile IT Courses

ISEC7 is a CMDSP Approved Training Center (ATC) offering mobile IT training and certification courses for qualified candidates. Whether managing individual devices or an enterprise with multiple device types and platforms, this certificate demonstrates that the individual possesses an underlying core body of specialized, in-depth knowledge for mobile management.  Check out the CMDSP video for more details!

  • 10% Discount on Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional (CMDSP) Training (2-day course).  Targets IT security professionals who work with mobile devices and are seeking an CMDSP certification. The course provides a better understanding of the challenges, solutions, and tools inherent in overseeing the use of mobile devices. The training material prepares the attendee for the CMDSP certification test.

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Complimentary Mobile IT Advisory Session

ISEC7 Government Services is the enterprise industry leader in mobile enterprise solutions and advisory services.  Since the inception of mobile emergence, ISEC7 Government Services has been committed to mobile IT and a part of the shaping the model for modernization for global enterprises, Federal to Fortune 500. Every organizational environment is unique with its own mobile enterprise footprint.  We conducts strategic sessions to help organizations baseline their needs for mobile IT maturity.

  • Mobile IT Advisory Session (1-hour).  Are you just getting started with formalizing your mobile strategy and planning?  We can help navigate the vendor selection process and offer some tips to match your needs. Our strategic planning team will work with you to identify your organization's next steps and ideas for supporting your mobile users and sharing confidential data securely.

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