IT Mobility Training

Mobile Security and Administrator Courses

ISEC7 Government Services offers mobile certification courses for qualified candidates. Whether managing individual devices or an enterprise with multiple device types and platforms, this certificate demonstrates that the individual possesses an underlying core body of specialized, in-depth knowledge for mobile management.  Check out the CMDSP video for more details!


  • Mobile Device Security Professional (CMDSP) Training (2-day course).  Targets IT security professionals who work with mobile devices and are seeking an CMDSP certification. The course provides a better understanding of the challenges, solutions, and tools inherent in overseeing the use of mobile devices. The training material prepares the attendee for the CMDSP certification test.


Training (Solution-Specific Courses)

ISEC7 Government Services offers a comprehensive hands-on training courses for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to support day-to-day operations of your mobile infrastructure. We are an Authorized Training Center (ATC) for the leading industry providers, as well.  Highlighted courses are listed below: 

  • MDM Administrator Training.  Available for BlackBerry, AirWatch, and MobileIron.  IT administrators will learn how to install, configure, and administrate the MDM system with focus on:

    • Review of the user interface & functions

    • Server configuration

    • Mobile device registration & administration 

    • Application monitoring

    • File & event management

  • ISEC7 EMM Suite TrainingFocus on learning the features in the EMM Suite and how to simplify the tactical operation.

  • ISEC7 EMM Suite Admin Training.  Focus on deployment and configuration of the EMM Suite for IT administrators. It also includes a train-the-trainer component.