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Mobility Solutions
for State & Local Government

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
What is it? 

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is a comprehensive solution for managing modern mobile devices, desktops, applications, and content across the entire organization. UEM solutions are designed to help companies leverage modern operating systems and mobile technology as tools for business transformation by empowering end users to be more productive wherever they are, on any device, while enabling IT to meet critical security and compliance requirements.


The three primary components of UEM, include:

Mobile device management (MDM) provides the foundation of any UEM solution by allowing IT to:

  • Enable employees to be productive on the mobile devices and desktops they love to use

  • Secure and manage mobile devices and desktops across multiple operating systems including: Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10

  • Provide secure corporate email, automatic device configuration, and certificate-based security

  • Selectively wipe enterprise data from mobile devices and desktops without impacting personal data

Mobile application management (MAM) capabilities enable IT to:

  • Build and maintain an enterprise app storefront

  • Secure applications on any device

  • Authenticate end users on the device

  • Separate business and personal apps on mobile devices and desktops

Mobile content management (MCM) capabilities enable IT to:

  • Secure corporate data on mobile devices and desktops without compromising the end-user experience

  • Provide an intuitive way to access, annotate, and share documents from email, SharePoint, and other enterprise content management systems as well as enterprise and personal cloud services

  • Establish DLP controls to protect corporate content from unauthorized distribution

  • Encrypt email attachments to ensure they can only be viewed using authorized applications

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Benefits of UEM

Provide a secure, scalable, enterprise-ready architecture.

Although mobile technologies are immune to traditional PC-based viruses, they face other types of threats. Managing these threats requires a layered security approach that protects enterprise data without impacting user productivity or the native device experience.UEM solutions are designed to handle the unique security requirements in mobile enterprises by providing:

  • Security for enterprise email, apps, and content without monitoring or modifying personal data on the device

  • Certificate-based identity management to ensure only authorized users can access the device

  • Secure multi-user profiles to securely allow users to share a single device• App containerization that enables data within each app to be encrypted, protected from unauthorized access, and removed from the device without harming personal user data

  • Per-app VPN technology that provides corporate network access to authorized apps only

  • DLP features that allow IT administrators to define open-in and copy/paste functions

  • Closed-loop automation features that automatically trigger notifications, quarantine, and other access control actions when devices fall out of compliance or violate policies

  • Self-service features that simplify IT management by giving users the tools for registration, compliance checking, remediation, and other device management and troubleshooting capabilities

Support end-user choice with a native device experience.

To ensure mobile employees stay productive at work, the user experience must be the top priority of every mobile initiative. To support this goal, UEM solutions are designed to:

  • Enable a multi-OS environment so employees can use their preferred device, whether it’s Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows 10

  • Allow users to find and install critical enterprise apps, such as corporate email, calendar, and other productivity apps

  • Separate and manage highly sensitive personal and corporate data on mobile devices and desktops without impacting the native experience

  • Implement security measures that are highly effective but invisible to the end user

  • Help users maintain compliance with corporate policies

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